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While there are many powerful ecommerce platforms out there to choose from, one aspect they often neglect to bake into their infrastructure is content management capabilities.

Whether your ecommerce site is powered by Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, or another solution, WordPress is the perfect pairing to power content and be a key tool in your digital commerce strategy.

Your ecommerce brand’s online success is not only dependent upon the digital or tangible products being sold but also the content you create to go with it. In an age where outbound advertising has become a thing of the past, fresh content is the buoy that raises your brand to the surface from all the advertising bloat and clutter.

Content that’s well-crafted will differentiate your brand and attract new visitors, and can even surprise and delight shoppers.
Here are a few reasons why WordPress shines as a perfect solution to pair your ecommerce store with:

Open Source

Because of its open-source nature, WordPress can be fully customized to blend perfectly as an extension of your ecommerce store. Your site won’t be limited in scope thanks to its ease of modification through technology like the JSON REST API and fully adjustable theme frameworks, like the Genesis Framework. Also, because it’s open-source, costs will be fairly low (there are no licensing fees), other than the price you pay for hosting, paid extensions, and development costs.

SEO Optimized

WordPress is completely optimized for SEO; plugins like Yoast SEO can take your online marketing efforts to the next level by enabling you to create a sitemap and optimize your content for searchability and readability. By producing fresh content, you’ll reap the benefits of discoverability through search engines, which can increase sales on your ecommerce store.


It’s extremely easy for content creators and marketers alike to log-in to WordPress and start producing awesome content…no coding knowledge is required for content production either. Any beginner can quickly become familiarized with WordPress’ easy to navigate interface.

Fully integrable

WordPress comes with over 50,000 free plugins…you can do just about anything you desire with endless options for extended functionality. It’s even fully integrable with all of the aforementioned ecommerce solutions.


Despite common news coverage of security breaches, WordPress core is quite secure. As long as you take precautions, like keeping themes, core, and plugins up to date, enforcing strong passwords, using 2FA, and being vigilant about user role permissions, your site will be quite bulletproof.

Let’s get started!

Now that we’ve covered some of the ways in which WordPress shines as a CMS, let’s get to the meat of this ebook.

We will lay out some of the benefits of using various ecommerce solutions with WordPress, take a look at some examples of WordPress ecommerce sites in the wild, provide some tips for A/B testing ecommerce on WordPress, and more!

Read on to become equipped with some advanced knowledge, inspiration, and more to be on your way to becoming a WordPress ecommerce aficionado.

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